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Afternoon Tea Volunteer for Weekly Choir Session

We are looking for friendly volunteers willing to set up the room with tables and chairs, prepare and serve afternoon tea food and drinks each week as well as help with tidying and packing up afterwards.

You will work alongside the Community Project Coordinator and contracted therapists who lead the choir. Our team will provide the food and give on-boarding and training to get to know the space and the people.

What is a neurological choir? A neurological choir is a therapeutic choir for people with neurological conditions. The choir is led by a registered music therapist and a speech language therapist and aims to maintain and improve communication through the physical act of singing, as well as the social interaction and connection that comes with singing in a group.

Requirements: – Comfortable working in a small kitchen. – Enjoy getting to know the choir members. – Passion for helping people. Added bonus (not required): An interest in singing and music

Time commitment: Tuesday afternoons 1pm-3:30pm (2-3 hours per week)

To apply please visit our listing on the

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